Waste packaging


Waste packaging




Waste packaging

The waste packaging container:


  • Plastic bottles for beverage and food
  • Plastic cups and pots
  • Plastic bags and foils
  • Drinks cartons of milk and fruit juices
  • Food and drink cans



In this container you CANNOTdeposit:

  • Plastic packaging of hazardous substances or their residues (motor and other types of mineral oils, plant protection products - pesticides, paint varnish, diluters, etc.).
  • Bulky plastic objects (children's toys, broken plastic chairs, etc.).


Make sure an empty packaging is squeezed prior to the disposal into its bin. We also recommend that for ease of sorting, the packaging is not disposed of in plastic bags. Make sure you deposit the bags separately.

Waste paper

The waste paper container:

  • Cardboard packaging (e.g. for cereals) and cartons
  • Wrapping paper and paper shopping bags
  • Newspapers, magazines, notebooks, books
  • Brochures, catalogues
  • Envelopes, office paper.

In this container you cannot deposit:

  • Drink cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak milk packaging does not belong to the paper container)
  • Paper and cardboard packaging (trays, jars and cups for non-usable packaging, deep frozen food). Smeared or soaked with food (edible oil, other fluids and food waste)
  • Chocolate wrappings
  • Copy paper and paper with plastic or wax layer
  • Paper bags, used for packaging or storage of adhesives, cement, lime, animal food and bulk products
  • Wallpapers
  • Toilet paper (paper towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.).


To save space – the cardboard packaging should be folded at the public drop-off containers.

Waste glass

The waste glass container:


  • Bottles for food, beverages, cosmetics and medicines
  • Food jars
  • Other glass packaging



In this container you CANNOT deposit:

  • Glass windows, car glass and other flat glass
  • Mirrors, crystal glass and screen glass
  • Glass lamps (neon, halogen and incandescent bulbs, lamp shades)
  • Plexiglas, carbon and other types of plastic glass
  • Laboratory and other fireproof glass, ceramics, stones, etc.

Before depositing, the packaging glass should be emptied. The glass can be deposited in the container. The plastic cork should be deposited in to the waste packaging container.